Rachel A Sussman is a Relationship Expert and Therapist from NYC offering Individual Therapy, Couples Counseling and Breakup/Divorce Counseling

Are you single and interested in having a new, satisfying love affair?

I certainly understand how frustrating it can feel when you are single yet yearning to be in a healthy relationship with someone special! The art of skillful dating is a topic that I simply love to discuss, and I have many insights that I enjoy sharing with my clients. As a nationally recognized dating expert who has consulted with several prominent online dating services, I have helped hundreds of men and women create healthy and rewarding romantic relationships.  As we work together, we will:

  • Clarify your relational goals and chart a path to make them happen in your life.
  • Delve into emotional issues such as self-confidence, trust, sex, boundaries and commitment.
  • Explore former non-productive relationships patterns and modify them into new, healthier patterns.
My relationship counseling, coaching and support will guide you firmly on your path to relationship fulfillment.

Are you in a relationship and looking to get more personal satisfaction from it?

If you are in a relationship and yearning to find greater fulfillment from it, you have come to the right place. My expertise can help you better understand your current relationship and guide you to set realistic goals for improvement.

Together we will explore what you feel you may be missing from your relationship, discuss your definition of commitment, and work towards teaching you better communication and conflict resolutions skills. This work can help you form a clearer perspective on your relationship, which can then help you to connect in a deeper and more satisfying way with your partner.
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