The Short Version: When it seems like everything is going wrong, Rachel Sussman is there to set it right. The trained psychotherapist and relationship expert works with singles and couples on personal issues, including dating, breakups, sex, and parenting. In her private therapy practice, she has counseled people through tough situations and given them the tools to improve their love lives in the long run. In 2011, the seasoned relationship expert drew from her therapy experience to write “The Breakup Bible” as a step-by-step guide and resource for singles recovering from past pains. Full of kind words and actionable goals, Rachel develops resources and runs personalized counseling sessions to encourage, teach, support, and influence clients of all ages and backgrounds.

In her private counseling practice, Rachel Sussman takes a personal interest in all her clients. She doesn’t just see people for a few weeks and then let them go off on their own – she makes an effort to stay in touch even after they’ve finished coming to her for couples counseling or individual therapy sessions.

Every now and then, Rachel will drop a note to an old client asking how things are going. About 90% of her clients write back with positive comments and uplifting stories about recent engagements, healthy families, and other personal triumphs. Hearing about their progress makes her work as a counselor and psychotherapist feel fulfilling and worthwhile.

Rachel builds a relationship with her clients over long periods of time so they have someone they can turn to throughout their lives. Backed by years of experience, she can counsel people through dating trials, new relationships, rocky marriages, and other emotional quandaries.

The solution-focused therapist talks through salient relationship issues and gives men and women concrete tools to achieve their own personal goals. You can call (212) 769-0533 to set up an appointment with Rachel and start building your way toward a better state of mind and heart.

“Everyone has a universal desire to feel love,” she told us. “It makes me so happy to get people in the place where they want to be at.”

Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling at All Relationship Stages

Those who come to see Rachel usually have a specific goal in mind. They want to attract a good partner, grow comfortable with intimacy, avoid a divorce, or focus on some aspect of their love lives or dating patterns – but they need advice to get there. The typical client is a smart professional, ranging in age from late 20s to early 40s, who feels driven to improve because they’re dissatisfied with the current state of their relationships.

Most of Rachel’s clients see her in person on a weekly basis. She’s flexible to the needs of individuals, though, so she can also host sessions on Skype or over the phone as often or infrequently as the situation requires. She has a strong base of clients in New York City, but occasionally a person on the West Coast or abroad reads her book and seeks out her counsel as well. Rachel is happy to work with singles and couples on the issues that matter most to them in their personal lives.

“We found the process very helpful,” wrote Diane and James, a married couple who turned to Rachel to help them resolve their bickering conflicts more constructively. “We continue to call on her when our relationship needs a tune-up.”

Rachel prides herself on being a personable and approachable therapist. According to her website, “I’d rather joke with people than judge them, and though I love to talk, I find listening to be just as powerful.”

Whether you’re a college student grappling with dating websites or an empty-nester trying to reconnect with a spouse, Rachel’s heartfelt guidance can help people reach their relationship goals. Her areas of specialty include relationships, breakups, parenting, depression, career changes, sex therapy, and dating advice.

“I try to let people know that just because they haven’t met someone or had a good relationship, that doesn’t mean they can’t have success,” she said. “I want to help people get the most out of their lives.”

The Breakup Bible: A Guidebook to Healing & Recovery

Just about everyone in the dating world goes through a breakup at some point. It’s unfortunately inevitable, and some people have a difficult time working through the end of a relationship. That’s why Rachel penned “The Breakup Bible,” an intelligent guidebook for women dealing with a breakup or divorce.

Cover of The Breakup Bible by Rachel Sussman

In “The Breakup Bible,” Rachel outlines a three-step plan for healing and dating again.

If you’re struggling to move on from a previous relationship, this book can give you therapeutic love-focused advice based on years of experience in couples counseling. Rachel writes from the heart and offers an effective blueprint for breaking bad dating habits and forging into a new chapter in your love life.

The psychotherapist explains how to heal past wounds, understand what’s going on in your relationships, and transform into a strong and empowered dater. Rachel includes personal testimonials from women who have gone through heartache and emerged on the other side to find happiness.

As the Chicago Tribune put it, “It’s not the Bible you swear on, but many an ex-wife may find herself swearing by ‘The Breakup Bible.’”

“I cannot recommend it highly enough,” wrote E.T. in an Amazon review. She said reading “The Breakup Bible” helped her understand her relationship mistakes and change her life. “I am grateful to have finally gotten some real and useful information, instead of all the fluff that is floating around.”

Following Up & Seeing Her Clients Grow Over Time

When Rachel hears back from her clients, her heart soars. Every year, many cards and letters show up in her inbox or mailbox to let her know she’s made an impact in people’s lives. She has many success stories to her name, and told us the updates motivate her to keep inspiring, encouraging, and counseling singles and couples through tough times.

Julianne said she was “sort of a mess” when she started coming to Rachel to work out what was going wrong in her personal life. “No matter how bad things got, Rachel was so understanding, focused, and optimistic that it grounded and inspired me through this really difficult time,” said the 35-year-old woman in a testimonial. She added that Rachel’s guidance helped her get to a better place in her life.

Today my life is so much better, and I don’t think I could have gotten to this point without [Rachel’s] wonderful counseling, guidance, and friendship.” – Julianne, a former client

Rachel said she enjoys showing people how their lives could be different. She sees herself as an assistant who facilitates personal revelations and then steps aside to let the person do the work it takes to change.

“I’m not a miracle worker,” she said, “It takes two people working as a team. My clients need to have the self-awareness to take constructive criticism and makes changes in life. Anybody can do it – they just don’t always know how to get there.”

Rachel Sussman: An Approachable & Upbeat Love Guide

Rachel wants her therapy and counseling to be a stepping stone to better relationships, healthier mindsets, and happier lives. Through her private sessions and self-help books, she has inspired many individuals and couples to take charge of their personal affairs. And many have written back to thank her.

In the future, Rachel is looking to launch a breakup-oriented website that serves as an all-in-one resource for anyone going through a divorce or breakup. She envisions an online community where hurting individuals can find neighborhood support groups as well as practical assistance from real-estate agents, divorce attorneys, financial planners, and a world of other networks ready to help them through the transitional period.

With an array of helpful resources, Rachel gives singles and couples the essentials to succeed in relationships and make emotionally informed decisions going forward.

“People should always know there’s help out there for them. Whether you’re married or divorced, single or seeing somebody, I can help,” she said. “If it has anything to do with relationships, you can call me.”

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