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It’s OK to Be Sad About Having to Postpone Your Wedding

It’s OK to Be Sad About Having to Postpone Your Wedding

The Covid pandemic has resulted in thousands of couples postponing their wedding plans. If you are in this category, my heart goes out to you. Planning a wedding takes so much time and consideration and is one of life’s great joys. Couples look forward to it as a rite of passage in their relationship.

If you’re upset about not seeing your plans come to fruition on your actual wedding date, you’re certainly not alone. Take some solace in the fact that other’s are struggling too.

I was recently interviewed by The Knot on this topic.

If you are feeling sadness, disappointment or frustration – you have every right to have these feelings – they are completely normal. You have to give yourself time to grieve. If you don’t, the sadness and frustration may exhibit themselves in other ways like irritability or even mild depression.

Once you fully acknowledge your feelings, you will be able to work through them and eventually create positivity in your life. This too shall pass and you will get married at a future date.

Not everyone in your life will understand how you feel. Some complain to me that even their partner is handling his or her disappointment differently. This is perfectly normal. You are two different people so obviously you may both have different feelings. Try to avoid judging what your partner is saying –it’s more important to be curious as to their feelings and to start an open and dialogue.

Remember, just because your wedding is postponed, you can still enjoy your life and celebrate your love. Although it’s important to validate your disappointment, you can also count your blessings and practice gratitude. You can engage in some fun activities and take turns cheering each other up. During tough times we learn so much about our partners and this ultimately makes you a stronger team.