Breakup/Divorce Counseling

Rachel A Sussman is a Relationship Expert and Therapist from NYC offering Individual Therapy, Couples Counseling and Breakup/Divorce Counseling

Breakup/Divorce Counseling

The ending of a romantic relationship is an extraordinarily painful event. Whether you’ve been dating for a year, or married for thirty, you may be overcome with feelings of sorrow, anger, fear, and guilt. You are mourning the loss of someone significant in your life and saying farewell to your dreams of an eternity together. Recovering from a breakup or divorce is not only possible, it is probable. The first months tend to be very difficult and are likely overwhelmed with numerous thoughts and feelings – many that feel quite foreign.

Counseling is an Excellent Choice:

Both individual and group counseling with a therapist are very effective tools to help you fully recover from your breakup or divorce. Using my unique and proven three-phase method (Healing, Understanding and Transformation), we will address the challenges you are experiencing and expedite your recovery in significant ways. My style is both enlightening and educational. You will learn abundant facts about the psychological and logistical aspects of your breakup. Psychological issues can include a better understanding of your feelings, family of origin, how family patterns may have influenced and impacted your relationship, and a clearer narrative about the details of your relationship and breakup. Factual and concrete topics will also be discussed such as how to deal with your ex, career decisions, how and when to relocate (if necessary), and financial matters. If you are going through a divorce, discussion may include knowledge of laws and rights, and parenting issues. Many fresh ideas will flow from our therapy sessions.

Groups offer abundant reassurance due to the fact that you will be meeting with other people who are in your shoes. You will meet folks at all different stages in their healing that will offer support and education. By observing people who are farther ahead in their recovery you will see that in time, you will feel better too. A circle of healing will transpire where you will have the opportunity to both be helped and help others. I assure you - that is a very powerful experience.

The Breakup Bible The Smart Women’s Guide to Healing from a Breakup or Divorce:

Please check out my new book 'The Breakup Bible', which takes you through my three-phase method for full recovery (Healing, Understanding and Transformation), offers practical and useful exercises and tools, plus stories from women that have gone from a devastating breakup and are fully recovered.

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