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Rachel A Sussman is a Relationship Expert and Therapist from NYC offering Individual Therapy, Couples Counseling and Breakup/Divorce Counseling

Safe, Effective and Personal

Online Therapy NYC Online therapy is a safe and effective way to work – especially during the current Covid pandemic. I’m an experienced provider of tele and video therapy. I have been working this way for many years as I have clients from all over the country and throughout the world. My clients tell me that they feel supported by and connected to me - even when working virtually. You will fully be able to form a relationship with me and get the guidance you need while working from the comfort and safety of your home. In fact, virtual therapy is an invaluable opportunity to get some care and guidance plus acquire a new tool kit to help you weather this unprecedented storm.

These are challenging times for both individuals and couples and chances are you are experiencing the stress of the pandemic. Many of my clients report to me that they are grappling with feelings of anxiety, depression, boredom and loneliness. My single clients worry if they will ever date again. For couples, being quarantined with a partner can expose vulnerabilities in a relationship and create stress on even the strongest partnerships. Many couples aren’t used to spending this amount of time together. Prior to the pandemic, they may have enjoyed different friends and divergent interests – and now they are stressed and may think their relationship is in crisis. Even strong couples are struggling. With personal and professional worlds all under one roof, carving out space and navigating closeness can be tricky. Couples with children are having a taxing time managing demanding jobs while dealing with the learning curve of home schooling their kids as well.

Working with me, I can help you::
  • Develop coping skills to manage the shifting demands of life in a time of crisis
  • Combat the stress and loneliness of social distancing
  • Manage difficult relationship dynamics
  • Deal with the anxiety of not knowing what the future will hold
  • Create a plan for exceptional mental and physical self-care, which will help combat stress and provide for enhanced relaxation resulting in better sleep

As part of the 'Let's Hear it From the Expert' series, Rachel speaks on the topic "Strains on relationship

Please call me at 212-769-0533 or email me at rachel@sussmancounseling to learn more or to book an appointment.
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Early Signs:

Relationships rarely die overnight. Almost always, the destruction of a couple happens little by little, over time.

Your relationship may be in trouble if you are experiencing:

  • Communication breakdown
  • Diminished sexual desire and activity level
  • Replaying old arguments and resurrecting old hurts
  • Resentment and contempt have replaced patience and love
  • One or both of you are having an affair