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Rachel A Sussman is a Relationship Expert and Therapist from NYC offering Individual Therapy, Couples Counseling and Breakup/Divorce Counseling

Keeping the passion alive

It’s important to understand that long term relationships will go through many phases in their lifetime. It makes sense that as we change and grow as individuals, our relationships change as well. And, just as we put work into our personal growth, we need to put work into our relationship as well. Many couples do not realize this – they seem to think that relationships should just endure over time without any energy being put into them at all. That is just wrong!

During the first year as a couple we are often filled with excitement and passion as we get to know our partner… this is a magnificent time! Scientists using brain scans have actually proven that there is a chemical reaction that takes place in our brains and our bodies as we fall in love. This state of bliss, wonderful as it is, will change over time, and it is important that we acknowledge this as part of a relationship’s natural progression and transition.

As time marches on, relationships are often faced with what I call ‘the business of love’. Be it cohabitating, planning a wedding, job searches, family planning, in-laws, or extended familial issues or duties– life does begin to interfere with our relationship. When this starts to happen many couples get off track and lose focus.

In couples counseling we deal with these issues head on.

Together we create a plan to get your relationship back on track:

  • Communicate your concerns: My office becomes a safe haven for each party to discuss their feelings about the state of their relationship. I will be sure that each person speaks and is heard – the definition of healthy communication.
  • Identify the problem and create a recovery plan: Once we identify the problem in couples counseling we work as a team to create a plan to get the relationship back on track as soon as possible.
  • Reinvigorate your sex life. First we must establish what each of your definition is of a ‘healthy sex life’. Many partners have different characterizations regarding this, so it’s really important to find out what you each are feeling, and to evaluate where this meaning comes from. Once we find out what is missing, through couples counseling we will create new ways to put some fun, energy and excitement back into the bedroom, and into your relationship.

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Did you know:

  • As we change and grow as individuals, our relationships change as well. Couples need to learn how to change and flourish together.
  • Couples can and do survive, and even thrive, in the aftermath of an affair.
  • Children demand so much of our time, energy and attention that often there is limited time for couples to connect, spend time together, or have sex.
  • Couples cannot be complacent about their lack of intimacy – this is a formula for marital disaster.